Miso Glazed Eggplant

You are here probably because you like using eggplants in your dishes, is that right? Care to share what is your go-to recipe?

If you are Filipino, you might immediately think of sliced eggplants pan fried in oil and dipped in garlic vinegar sauce or the well-loved tortang talong (eggplant omelet). Simple and easy. I grew up having those and I still like it.

But this time, I would like to tempt you to try an eggplant recipe using miso paste as the main cast in the flavour department.

Appetizing and elegant as a side dish.

Well, how about you check out this miso glazed eggplant, which lures you with a savoury, sweet and smoky flavour of a nicely charred and beautifully presented dish?

You can quickly create it with a few but cleverly handpicked ingredients where miso paste gets the lead role to guarantee you are hit with well-played flavours!

You will find it tasty and elegant as a side – or –  enjoy it on its own or paired with steamed rice. You can even make it for your guests and have them delight over this low in calories purple veggie.

What kind of miso paste to use?

Awase miso, which is a blend of white and red miso is highly recommended. It is also widely used in many Japanese cooking as a flavouring, so you can use whatever is left for other dishes. I love it in miso soup for one.

This is the type of miso paste used by food blogger and recipe creator behind PickledPlum website where yours truly got the inspiration and you can check it out Here. 

What other ingredients do you need?

Eggplant, obviously, preferably small to medium in size. You will slice it in half and score the flesh in a criss-cross pattern. That will help cook the flesh better and make it look prettier, too, see?

You will also need a little vegetable oil to pan fry the eggplant on a heavy-bottomed pan over high heat.

For the glaze, you will have to mix the miso, mirin, sugar, and sake together.  

You will brush the pan-fried eggplant generously with miso glaze, and broil for a few minutes until the glaze bubbles. 

Before broiling
After broiling

Finally, you will sprinkle it with sesame seeds for added nutty taste and appeal! Do you like what you see?

How To Make Miso Glazed Eggplant

Miso Glazed Eggplant

Dress up your eggplant by generously coating it with a savoury and sweet miso glaze and allowing it to caramelise beautifully under the broiler. Top it off with sesame seeds for that extra nutty taste and appetizing look.
Prep Time7 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time17 minutes
Servings: 2


  • 2 small to medium eggplant
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup awase miso paste (a blend of red and white miso paste)
  • 2 tbsp mirin
  • 1 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 1 tbsp sake
  • sesame seeds


  • Wash eggplant and slice into half. Score the flesh following a criss cross pattern. Be careful not to overdo it and cut the outer skin. (Check photo on the blog).
  • In a medium bowl, mix miso, mirin, sugar, and sake. Set aside.
  • Heat oil on a heavy-bottomed pan over high heat and place the eggplant skin side down. Cook until brown and nicely charred.
  • Flip the eggplant over, cover the pan, and let it cook through about 3-4 mins.
  • Cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Transfer the eggplant skin side down onto the baking sheet.
  • Give the miso glaze a quick stir and brush the top of the eggplant with the glaze.
  • Get the eggplant into the oven and broil for 4 mins. The glaze should be bubbling when you take it out.
  • Finish off by sprinkling the top of the eggplant with sesame seeds. Serve.